Every single person in the past week who’s said something along the lines of “my headcanon for Dana was black until I heard her voice” (and then usually changed her to white or Asian) needs to look long and hard at her voice actress


and then walk away, faaaaaaaaaaaar away into isolated wilderness, head hung in shame the entire way. 

oh my god! thank you tumblr person for writing this! i spent much of yesterday typing and erasing a draft trying to articulate why this very thing was so weird to me but had no success. radio (or podcasts in this case) are so brilliant because they allow the listener’s imagination to run wild and envision absolutely whoever they want in the roles of the characters they hear; however, it is problematic to assume that all black or all asian or all white or all whoever are going to sound a certain way, and basing one’s visual idea for a character solely on what they “sound” like seems pretty limiting to me. people should be allowed to make Dana look like whoever they want, but it is frustrating to me when they base it on some arbitrary ideas of what a black person “should” sound like. guess what, a black person can sound like ME! like many other kids of color, i got teased for sounding “too white” by black and white kids alike. then when i was an adult i NEVER got voiceover work because the casting agents would send me in for “sassy” and “urban” roles based on what I *looked* like as opposed to what i sounded like. it is seemingly harmless stuff like this that seeps into the subconscious of the general public, making actors like me have to squeeze into this little box that we don’t always fit into.

#i just want to get good work #that isn’t based on anybody else’s stereotypical ideas! #if you want dana to be asian #thats great! #but dont do it because you think her voice sounds asian #because what the fuck does that even mean? #you watch too much family guy

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