Okay, for the most part I still enjoy participating in the WTNV fandom, but this “I just want Cecil to be white because I love the idea of an interracial relationship” business I’ve been seeing as a reason behind some white!Cecil headcanons has been bugging me for a while. As…well-meaning…as I’m sure it is (yes, let us celebrate canonically interracial relationships in media!), it not only completely side-steps the fact that interracial relationships are still interracial when two people of color are of different races, but it also makes me uncomfortable because I’ll be damned if I haven’t seen the “~dark skin against white skin looks so beautiful~” fetish far too much, in fandom, real life, and everything in between. And it doesn’t bother every person of color, but it does make me pause for a second. Like, I know us brown folks are cute, but we don’t exist solely to contrast white skin, dang. You can think the contrast is aesthetically pleasing, sure, but just remember not everyone feels cool with POC bodies being talked about like they’re part of a salt and pepper shaker set. 

Your mileage may vary, of course, but when tags like “Ebony” and “Latina” and “Asian” are mostly NSFW because our differences as POC are fetishized because of the direct contrast and/or “otherness” to the “white” default, you tend to grow a little apprehensive and wary when people push a little hard on the white/POC contrast for a character who can technically be any race you want.

So, again, this is not to say you can’t create whatever Cecil you want for whatever reason you want, it’s just another post saying maybe you should just take a second to think about what it means, and what the implications might be, intentional or otherwise.

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