Homer J Simpson voice: NEEERRRRRRD!!!

I wanted to try and have a go at doing a more kinda “realistic” approach to my cecil design since i usually draw him very simplified and leave out details. I haven’t done portraiture in a long time let alone the fact i wasn’t basing this upon any reference so i apologise this probably looks utter pants. It’s so hard to draw someone who is meant to look average but still make features interesting. i hope i captured his inner dork :’)


request for celestialoctopi's headcanon cecil who is korean/native american, with bonus carlos c:


cecil got him the shirt


For two days, we surveyed the fan presence for the narrative podcast Welcome to Night Vale here on tumblr. Commonplace Books’ horror/mystery series follows the broadcasts of Cecil Palmer, a radio host in the town of Night Vale. Cecil’s dynamic with his boyfriend Carlos is a frequent feature on the show and has been a point of contention with homophobic bloggers on the site before, but now it seems WTNV’s diverse cast and progressive stance has attracted a new kind of scumbag attitude. 


So, is the WTNV fandom community racist? 

We asked the tags if they thought the community that formed around Night Vale had turned unwelcoming towards people of color and interpretations of figures on the show as characters of color — and, specifically, if they’d seen accepted white supremacist and overtly racist attitudes in what should be safe fan spaces. For a show as progressive and accepting as Night Vale is, the results were upsetting. 

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Hey, PoCecil tag. I’ve gotta go to bed, but have a really quick Cecil sketch. Keep on trucking you guys, you’re the best.

cecil and carlos dancing tinikling tho


I’m getting high school PE class flashbacks that was the most dangerous hopscotch dance we’ve ever performed- scratch that it was probably the most dangerous dance in our whole PE curriculum


have a cecil in replacement of my bed time kisses


a couple of cecils

idk i was playing with some different headcanons for him


So??? I drew this over the course of the day. I’ve kinda updated how my Cecil looks uwu

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