not rlly digging the colors here but uh„, condos will always be the best


I seem to be in a pink mood lately.


✿ team a croptop with seatbelts and furry pants for a spring/summer look that screams, “neat!” 


my gf plays wtnv sometimes before we sleep so i am obligated to draw a fanart 


flying telekinetic Cecil? yeah sure why not


the nice new haircut helps to alleviate some of the badness of his outfit. Those of us that believe in linear time are trying to forget the atrocity that was “90s fashion”, cecil


filipino cecil with awful fashion choices ….


Homer J Simpson voice: NEEERRRRRRD!!!

I wanted to try and have a go at doing a more kinda “realistic” approach to my cecil design since i usually draw him very simplified and leave out details. I haven’t done portraiture in a long time let alone the fact i wasn’t basing this upon any reference so i apologise this probably looks utter pants. It’s so hard to draw someone who is meant to look average but still make features interesting. i hope i captured his inner dork :’)


request for celestialoctopi's headcanon cecil who is korean/native american, with bonus carlos c:

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